We love visiting bowl central for the arcade. You can always win a decent amount of tickets on the huge variety of games available and the prizes are half decent for kids too. Amazing value on Sunday mornings and managed to get a couple of gold stars too!

As you can see from the pics, the bowling balls look like pool balls which, for some reason, is actually really cool. The alleys run true and are well maintained. Standard pricing, no need for a change of footwear (always a bonus), bar staff on hand if you need refreshment. Highly recommended.

Amazing place with a great buzz!

The arcade, the bar, the bowling. They fit perfectly together. The location is a mere walk away from the beach and is located with surrounding restaurants. Obviously a busy place as a booking is defo needed. Boozy bowling who wouldn’t want to try it. Staff welcomed us and helped us with such warmness. Perfect last night.

‘Nice venue. All brand, spanking new.
Lanes are good, atmosphere is “funky” and “super chill” according to my kids.
We’ve been there twice in 2 days and both times the staff were super friendly and helpful.’

‘Really great place to play a few games of bowling.
Staff are very friendly and the atmosphere is enjoyable – much nicer vibe compared to the more well known bowling alleys!’

‘Had a few games of bowling, great fun, cosy atmosphere, attentive staff, definitely worth a trip.’

“I held my Christmas Party here with my roller disco skate crew.
As it was a mixed age group I was finding it hard to find a venue to host a great party but Bowl Central was PERFECT.
An arcade to entertain the under 18s and then a boutique bar for the adults! Definitely recommend to all!”