Thank you so much for working so closely with Shannen and I to create a wedding reception package!
Adrian and his team could not have been more helpful or more welcoming and our guests all had such an amazing time.

We love visiting bowl central for the arcade. You can always win a decent amount of tickets on the huge variety of games available and the prizes are half decent for kids too. Amazing value on Sunday mornings and managed to get a couple of gold stars too!

Co-ordination and timing for the party was great. The staff took great care of the kids and everyone had fun. Excellent venue and stress free for parents!

The arcade, the bar, the bowling. They fit perfectly together. The location is a mere walk away from the beach and is located with surrounding restaurants. Obviously a busy place as a booking is defo needed. Boozy bowling who wouldn’t want to try it. Staff welcomed us and helped us with such warmness. Perfect last night.

Wonderful and extremely helpful staff, all the machines where in working order and the electronic tickets is an amazing idea, so much better then having to carry tickets around every time, with loads of machines to choose from you could easy spend hours in there without realising.

Really great place to play a few games of bowling.
Staff are very friendly and the atmosphere is enjoyable – much nicer vibe compared to the more well known bowling alleys!

“Good fun and good place to meet. Nice 10 pin lanes with eats and refreshments. Fun arcade for all ages, the best in the town centre with easy to use prepaid cards for credits and collecting tokens for the prizes.”

‘Just went today had a blast! Wide variety of games and lovely staff! Their double ticket Tuesday and gold star promotion really gave it an edge on my wins and they have a great way of making your arcade fun last longer. Best arcade in Bournemouth for sure. Will be going regularly. 100% would recommend.’