COVID-19 Policy

Date: 01/07/2020

To Our Customers

Re: Covid-19

We value your continuing support and wanted you to know what we are doing to safeguard our staff and our customers:

We have sanitised the entire public space in advance of re-opening with a special purpose fogger.

We are cleaning frequently with EHO approved sanitiser products and are paying special attention to the areas people touch: Door handles, tables, hard surfaces. Buttons, balls, handrails and game handles.

The welfare of our employees is also of paramount importance, this includes instructing any staff who are feeling ill to stay at home and self-isolate for 7-14 days

All staff are instructed to check their temperature each morning and on arrival at the business and will be sent home if they exceed the Government set limit.

We have installed Perspex sneeze screens as a safety barrier between customers and our staff at the service points on our reception counter.

As of the 8th August 2020 we kindly ask all customers to please wear face masks in the premises, helping us to enforce the governments social distancing requirements.

We have created a one way system on the ground level of Prizes, with separate entrance and exit ways, with clear directional signage and physical separation.

We have installed and located many hand sanitisation points, on entering the  venue and at key locations around the arcade. You will never be more than a few steps away from the nearest sanitisation point. In addition our brand new toilet facilities, with the benefit of contactless taps, are available for hand washing at all times.

We have also rearranged the machine layout to both create a one way system on the ground floor, but also to ensure that social distancing of at least 1 metre will be maintained when playing on our machines.

We have an outstanding record with Health & Safety and our venue continues to have a 5 Star rating with the EHO.

Should you have any queries please speak with the Duty Manager.

Thank you for your continued support

Tracy Standish
Managing Director

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